About Us

Our Practicioners

Dr. Kristina Hanson

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a unique specialization in pelvic health and dysautonomia.

With a passion for improving the lives of individuals facing these challenging conditions, I have dedicated my career to providing compassionate care and evidence-based interventions.

My expertise lies in restoring optimal function and quality of life through targeted physical therapy techniques, empowering my patients to regain control over their bodies and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Our Practicioners

Dr. Baylee Bridgers

I  am excited to be working at a clinic that’s as passionate about pelvic PT as I am. My passion for PT came from becoming a caretaker at a young age for my mom who suffers from Lupus. 

Growing up with my own pelvic floor issues created a strong desire in me to help others who may be feeling discouraged or anxious about their symptoms and aren’t sure what to do. I know what healing feels like and it lights me up to play a part in others’ pelvic floor healing journeys too.

Uplift Pelvic Health & Wellness

Helping you regain confidence in your body to return to the activities you love with less symptoms, pain, and greater strength, and the support you need to fully heal.


Comprehensive Pelvic Floor Rehab

Manual Therapy
Visceral Mobilization
Craniosacral Therapy
Balance Training
Return to Exercise/Sport
Joint Mobilization
IASTM-instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization
And More…..


Our highly successful RRR Method

After we assess your specific issue and make a plan to return you to your preferred activity, we will implement the tried and true RRR Method.

The RRR method works in three phases: Restore, Retrain, and Reclaim

🧘 Restore: This is what we call hitting a reset button on your body. We have to lengthen/restore the tissue to allow it to relax and incorporate breath. Adding length and mobility to the muscles sets you up for long-term success (visits 1-4).

💪 Retrain: We have to connect the mind to the muscle and re-educate the muscle to fire the correct way (visits 5-8).

🏃‍♀️ Reclaim: We look at functional movements and return you back to your preferred activities without any difficulty. The Reclaim Phase allows you to not only be pain-free/have symptoms go away for a short time, but to have pain stay away so you don’t ever have to experience this again! (visits 9-12).